What a Fully-Stocked Pantry Looks Like

June 27th, 2011 by admin

Any cook will tell you that organization is key to a good kitchen. Whether you live in a small home or a large home, there are ways to organize a kitchen pantry so that cooking is easier.
Small homes do not have a lot of space. Most kitchens only have a few cabinets, but they can be divided into separate areas. Canned goods need to go in one cabinet. Cans do not need to be alphabetical, but they should be lined in rows for easy access. Foods that come in boxes can be placed in the same cabinet. Cereals and side dishes that come in boxes such as macaroni and cheese can be arranged in a cabinet according to size. Other cabinets can be reserved for pots, pans and dishes.
A large home has the convenience of space. The more cabinet space that you have, the better organized your kitchen pantry can be. A well organize kitchen pantry has canned foods in one area, organized according to the type of food in the can. Soups go together, and fruits can go with each other. This way when you are looking in the pantry you will see where something is located.

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