Delightful Meals for the Frightful Weather

June 23rd, 2011 by admin

When the weather turns for the worse, it can be said that folks prefer to be indoors. What would be a better way to spend the day inside than with comfort food, tastefully prepared and soothing in spite of the weather? There ar some tried and true menus that will make any bleak and dreary day a little more bearable.

For the cold weather blues, pasta dishes and chili make for a good menu choices, as does home-cooked soups with vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and the root ones such as squash and rutabaga. These foods warm the body and when served with a crusty bread, and a hearty dessert such as a cobbler or fruit crisp, they provide comfort, and can be prepared to serve as many people as needed.

For summer days cancelled by extreme heat or rain, an indoor barbecue can be just the thing to create that summery feeling inside. Fresh fruit bowls, homemade sorbet, and meat kebabs prepared in the broiler can lighten the mood for a rain-out event and also be prepared with other traditional picnic foods. Decorating the dining room table with a picnic set will make all the difference.

In winter or summer, good meals can make the day wonderful.

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